Turkey Tail mushroom

Name: Turkey Tail mushroom extract

Primary Category: Mushroom

Also known as: Trametes versicolor, Coriolus versicolor

Latin Name: Trametes versicolor

Effects: Immune system, Adaptogen, Antiviral, Pain relief

About Turkey Tail mushroom extract

Turkey Tail mushroom, scientific name Trametes versicolor, is a medicinal mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine and holistic wellness practices. It has a long history of use for promoting general health and vitality, and recent studies have shown that it has antitumor and immunomodulatory properties.

Turkey Tail mushroom grows on wood. Turkey Tail mushrooms can be found on new or rotting logs, stumps, and deciduous trees like oak, elm, maple, chestnut, and willow. Turkey Tail mushrooms grow very densely

Turkey tail mushrooms naturally grow on dead and dying wood, but can be cultivated as well. Turkey tail mushrooms grow in a fan-like shape. They are usually about the size of a dinner plate or bigger and have a buff to brown coloration on the top and white coloration on the bottom. Turkey tails’ common name derives from the mottled patterning on its cap: like a wild turkey’s tail feathers, whose colors also include black and browns.

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Turkey Tail mushroom extract formulations

Turkey Tail mushrooms used in dietary supplements can help with conditions like arthritis, back pains, bacterial infections, cysts, cancer prevention, and treatment for prostate cancer. Turkey Tail dietary supplements will also boost immune system function

Turkey Tail is a symbol of longevity and immortality because it can be found in Turkey. Turkey has been an important birthplace of the species. Turkey Tails are medicinal mushrooms that have been used to treat cancers, and help to reduce oxidative stress, as well as promote immune response.

Turkey Tail mushroom extract taste profile

Turkey tail mushrooms taste earthy and nutty.

Potential effects of Turkey Tail mushroom

Aging Gracefully20%
Nervous System30%
Sex/Libido 20%
Wellness Support90%

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