Switching to USDA Organic CBD

A bowl of USDA Organic CBD Oil

In an unregulated industry, customer trust matters.

There is a universally recognized quality mark: USDA Organic Certified

Provide your customers with the reassurance they are searching for. Our team in conjunction with our USDA Certification agency NICS and leveraging our farming network are now able to offer you the opportunity to upgrade your existing product line to the highest standard, USDA Certified Organic.

Transition your product line to
USDA Organic in weeks

1 week

A high level discovery session begins to understand your specific product needs and requirements. We will introduce you to our product range, find out about your product, formulation and any product certification required.

1-2 weeks

We create samples from your product formulation for you to test. Our team have a wide range of experience with hemp extracts, providing high level guidance on individual oil and water soluble blends, however we do not provide formulation for topical or beauty products.

1-2 weeks

After the formulation is signed off we create a confirmed production quote and check all ingredients are suitable for the product. At this stage we start to assist with information for labeling, packaging and USDA Organic certification & supply marketing content from our farms.

2-3 weeks

We work to manufacture the product, co-pack and test the final end result to ensure it confirms with the product specification, including any specific packaging requirements.

11Did you know customers will pay 30% for USDA Organic products?


USDA Certified Organic CBD finished units

We offer a more cost effective product at higher quality and pass those savings on to you.

Being vertically integrated means we’ve taken out the middle men, producing a high quality product at the most competitive prices, giving more consumers access to high quality product.

* Typical USDA Certified Organic CBD
Finished unit $6-8 per bottle, ready to sell

11Image of the Meet your farmer transparency platform


Leverage our farmers and their stories

We’re the only company allowing you to work directly with our farmers to create content and show your customers where the product comes from, switching to USDA Certified Organic CBD not only gives you a better quality product but also more transparency:

11A 5 star customer review


We have 5 star customer service

We’ve helped 100’s of brands design, formulate and produce their product, our support and account management teams have a lot of experience to help your production.

Our formulation team work every day to produce custom formulations for our clients, working within the stringent regulations of the USDA Guidelines to create new form factors including Water soluble and powdered.

A Garden Om formulator testing products during manufacturing


Trusted, safe and secure

As well as FDA reg, USDA Certified Organic and undergoing GMP certification we test the product with two 3rd party labs to ensure that we are providing you with a consistent high quality supply.

Data is collected in our management platform allowing us to re-create mixes and blends as needed.

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