Phellinus mushroom

Name: Phellinus mushroom

Primary Category: Mushroom

Also known as: Willow conk

Latin Name: Phellinus igniarius, sanghuang

Effects: Immune system, Prolong youthfulness

Benefits Of Phellinus linteus mushroom extract

Phellinus linteus mushroom is a type of medicinal mushrooms that is found on trees. It is used in holistic wellness plant-based product formulations to promote health and well-being.

A Phellinus mushroom is the main ingredient in many of garden om’s plant-based products. Phellinus mushrooms are made up of nutrient-dense essential amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, and vitamins which help to create a healthy immune system. Phellinus mushrooms are also low in calories and contain no cholesterol. Phellinus mushrooms have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Phellinus mushrooms provide many health benefits which include antifungal activity, antiviral activity, antibiotic activity, anticancer properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and much more.

We’ve never seen Phellinus linteus mushrooms growing in North America. Phellinus medicinal mushrooms are common in Australia, Southeast Asia, the Southern United States, Europe, and India. Phellinus mushrooms are also able to grow in many types of woods including coniferous trees. Phellinus mushrooms are harvested from dying or dead trees because they only grow on the outside rotting layer of the tree trunk. Phellinus mushroom is a type of Basidiomycota fungi that’s often found on oak and pine trees.

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Phellinus linteus mushroom extract formulations

Phellinus linteus has been used for medicinal purposes in Asia for centuries. It has been used to treat a variety of health issues, including cancer, diabetes, and liver disease.

Phellinus linteus extract is believed to be beneficial because it contains compounds that help fight inflammation and boost the immune system. Including, antioxidant properties,¬†Anti-inflammatory effect,¬†therapeutic effects due to it’s active compounds that have a lot of therapeutic potential.

Phellinus linteus mushroom extract taste profile

Phellinus mushrooms have a woodsy smell and a slightly bitter, acidic taste.

Potential effects of Phellinus linteus

Aging Gracefully90%
Nervous System20%
Sex/Libido 20%
Wellness Support90%

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