Oyster mushroom

Name: Oyster mushroom extract

Primary Category: Mushroom

Also known as: Oyster fungus, Hiratake

Latin Name: Pleurotus species

Effects: Immune system, Energy

Benefits Of Oyster mushroom

Oyster mushrooms are a type of fungi that is found on wood and soil. An Oyster mushroom can be found in compost, leaf litter, and cow dung. Oyster mushrooms contain protein and vitamin D2 and they grow best in warm and humid environments. Oyster mushrooms have a mild, nutty taste with garlic undertones. Oysters mushrooms need to be cooked before eaten or they can cause stomach upset because they contain galactomannan which is difficult for the body to digest.

You will find an Oyster mushroom growing in climates that are warm, moist, and temperate. Oyster mushrooms grow well in shadier areas. Oysters love living on wood chips, straw, rotting logs, and sawdust. Oysters will also grow on both hard-packed soil and grassy areas.

The fact is that an Oyster mushroom has a unique, delicate taste and a texture that is tender and almost meaty. These edible mushrooms are an excellent source of protein, supplying about 12-14 grams per cup. Oysters contain a high amount of potassium for those who avoid salt; an Oyster mushroom has close to 200 milligrams of potassium or 20% of the daily requirement. Oyster mushrooms also contain over 100% of the Daily Value (DV) of Vitamin D as well as B vitamins such as riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), and pantothenic acid (B5). Oysters also contain selenium, which protects cells from oxidative damage and supports cardiovascular health.

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Oyster mushroom extract formulations

Oyster mushroom is one of the many edible mushrooms used for their nutritional and medicinal properties. They are also being studied for their potential benefit to help with cancer treatment and prevention as well as help cholesterol levels.

Oyster mushroom is a type of mushroom that has a number of different properties. Some of these properties include the ability to boost the immune system, help with weight loss, and improve heart health.

Oyster mushrooms also have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation in the body. Additionally, Oyster mushrooms are a good source of nutrients, including protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamins.

Oyster mushroom extract taste profile

The complexity on the finish of this mushroom is subtle, can have a seafood flavor or anise aftertaste (black licorice)

Potential effects of Oyster mushroom extract

Aging Gracefully20%
Nervous System30%
Sex/Libido 20%
Wellness Support90%

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