Bespoke Product Formulation

Organic mushrooms used for holistic wellness product formulations

Bespoke Product Formulation

Our state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory full-time is run by a team of formulation experts who work to maximize research and development while reducing time-to-shelf for your finished products.

Working from your product brief we combine a range of natural ingredients to produce the perfect formula for your business. Our experienced team stay on top of market trends brining you the best product development for a variety of industries.

We have developed over 100 SKUs for over 40 brands all with custom options. For a wide range of products with excellent service, support and education. 

Library formulation

Choose from our extensive library of formulas
  • 1-2 weeks timeline
  • Non-exclusive formulation
  • Adjust ingredients as needed
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We will match and improve your current product
  • 1-3 weeks timeline
  • You own your formulation
  • Ingredient sourcing included
  • Matching your existing product
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Bespoke formulation

Creation of a unique and bespoke formula for your brand
  • 3-6 weeks timeline
  • Formulation buy-out included 
  • 100% bespoke to your spec
  • Comes with ingredient research
  • Access to our formulation team
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Formulations that match your brand

We take your brand, product line and target consumer into mind when formulating


Confirming to standards

Our team have worked to the highest product specs including Clean label, Leaping Bunny and more


USDA Organic, Vegan, Non GMO

Providing you with the required label claims providing peace of mind for the consumer


With the highest testing standards

Our team work beyond cGMP standards and can support any national brand 

Typical production process

1) Product discovery

A discovery session with our formulation staff to learn more about the product requirements and expectations. We’ll explain how we operate, provide services, and discuss ingredients options for you.



Timing: 1 video call

Requirements: Discuss your product plans

Output: A product brief

Fees: None

2) Sample production

From the information gathered in the brief, our team will research ingredients, existing products and consult our experts to come up with some formulation options for you and your team.




Timing: 1-3 weeks

Requirements: Discuss your product plans

Output: Signed-off product formulation

Fees: Formulation fee plus time and materials for sample production

3) Pre-production phase

We verify your ingredients, complete Organic certification, and assist with providing information for your packaging. We also procure the components needed for the production phase.



Timing: 1-3 weeks

Requirements: Finalized production spec

Output: Pre-production manufacturing checklist complete

Fees: 50% of production fee

4) Production phase

We work through our GMP processes to blend, manufacture, and test the product before preparing the packaging for full finishing and any specific requirements for onward shipping.




Timing: 2-4 weeks

Requirements: N/A

Output: Finished product ready to be shipped

Fees: Remaining 50% of production fee

Free consultation with our team

Our formulation and bulk supply teams are standing by to answer any questions you might have.

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