Eleuthero Root powder

Name: Eleuthero Root Powder

Primary Category: Adaptogen

Also known as: Siberian ginseng

Latin Name: Eleutherococcus senticosus

Effects: Memory, Energy, Immune system


Eleuthero root powder (Siberian ginseng) is obtained from the Eleutherococcus senticosus plant. It’s often used as an ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine that has been proven to combat fatigue, ward off colds and reduce stress.

Eleuthero root powder is grown in a lot of different locations around the world. One of the most popular places to grow it is in China. Eleuthero root powder comes from the eleuthero plant. The plants that are used to create this powder can be found in a lot of areas flat-lands and mountain edges.

When harvesting the root, dig up the stem and then cut it into smaller pieces. You can then extract the roots from these pieces with your hands and discard of them chunks of wasted wood and bark. The roots of the Eleuthero plant (Also known as Siberian ginseng) can be extracted by first cutting the stem into smaller pieces. The roots of the plants are then extracted from these pieces with your hands.

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Eleuthero root powder is one of the most popular herbal medicines that is used as a natural supplement to improve the immune system. This herbal supplement powder is also used as an alternative treatment for some health condition such as arthritis pain, poor circulation, and asthma.

It can be traced back to ancient Chinese medicinal texts. It has been used for fighting fatigue, keeping blood sugar levels within range, warding off colds, and reducing stress Siberian ginseng is typically taken as a supplement with other herbs

In traditional medicine Eleuthero root powder (True Ginseng) has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, increase energy output, and boost mental focus. It can also improve immune system functions when taken before or during a cold or flu.

Taste profile

The taste profile of the root is different to American ginseng, it’s sweet and slightly bitter. Some sources that reported it as having a taste similar to licorice and celery seed and smelling like hay.

Potential effects

Aging Gracefully20%
Nervous System40%
Sex/Libido 20%
Wellness Support30%

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