USDA Organic Certified hemp extract (Full-spectrum, Broad spectrum)

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Bulk USDA organic CBD full-spectrum oil.

Including hemp oil wholesale blends for your product formulation or private label product (white label).

We blend the organic full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp wholesale extract grown by our Colorado and American farmers on demand for our clients, providing a clean, safe and consistent bulk organic CBD supply

  • Grown from the finest industrial hemp plant genetics in the USA
  • Organically grown full spectrum hemp extract, non-GMO
  • Available as Full-spectrum or THC-Free broad spectrum
  • Co2 supercritical & subcritical extracted
  • 3rd party tested for Heavy metals, solvents, mycotoxins, terpenes & pesticides
  • Supplied at under 0.3% THC, regulatory compliant
  • High levels of minor cannabinoids 
  • Blended on demand with a range of oil available
  • Same day shipping with tracking information

The oil is supplied in bulk or for private label products packaged with your own branding.


A transparent supply chain
that is restorative and inclusive

Garden Om has a competitive advantage in the area of quality and price for their CBD products. Their product quality is superior and they have an excellent reputation for providing high-quality products at a fair price, which gives them more profits and happy customers.

We offer many finished product choices when it comes to packaging such as bottles or capsules, with sizes ranging from 10mg up to 4,000+mg per unit.

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Bulk USDA Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

National and global brands trust Garden Om Hemp Company’s USDA Certified Organic bulk CBD oil, known for its superior quality, efficacy, and all taste. Products manufactured with our raw material consistently rank higher than other companies in the industry.

With over 25 years growing experience, and 20 years extract experience Garden Om is a trusted source of truth in the CBD with high minor cannabinoids, backed by the most robust 3rd party testing.

We understand how important a transparent supply chain is for your brand, we provide you complete transparency from Seed-to-sale, allowing you to show your consumers where the hemp was grown.

No other company in the industry can give this level of trust.


USDA Organic product sales have grown 31% from 2016.

Consumers are very aware about what they consume, popularity of USDA Certified Organic products shows that consumers recognize the USDA Certified Organic seal, and trust the stringent standards.

Our Bulk USDA Organic full and broad spectrum CBD oil provides genuine holistic healing to a wide range of customers suffering from a range of emotional, physical and medical conditions. And it works. We can blend the hemp extract in a wide range of finished product formulations including hemp seed oil.

Brands that manufacture with our Bulk USDA Organic full spectrum CBD consistently come back to us because of our

  • Consistent quality extract
  • Consistency batch-to-batch
  • High levels of naturally produced Terpenes
  • Available as USDA Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Oil or broad spectrum. 
  • Wide variety of minor Cannabinoids including CBC, CBG, CBN
  • Superior extraction methods producing a clean tasting extract
11Did you know customers will pay 30% for USDA Organic products?
Garden Om formulation team creating product formulations

We offer Bulk USDA Organic CBD & turnkey production services

We generally work with our clients in a few ways

  • Formulation of USDA Organic Certified CBD products
  • Supply of Bulk USDA Organic CBD oil as an ingredient
  • Manufacturing of finished USDA Organic CBD products

Our entire vertically integrated supply chain is organic certified:

  • Hemp plants and cultivars
  • Hemp farms and fields
  • Extraction & distillation facilities
  • Manufacturing and co-packing facilities

Our experienced team gives you a white glove service on the USDA Organic certification process, which means we certify that your product is USDA Organic meaning you can place that coveted USDA Organic seal on your product and marketing. Differentiating yourself from your competitors.


Why Bulk USDA Organic CBD is better

If you are in product development for a CBD product then we encourage you to think about the key reasons why using Bulk USDA Organic Certified CBD is a better way forward for your brand.

  • Consumers trust the USDA Organic Certified seal
  • Most products on the market are not organic
  • It’s environmentally friendly from seed to sale
  • No contaminants or heavy metals
  • Comes with high levels of minor cannabinoids and natural terpenes
  • It’s built on a transparent supply chain
  • 3rd party tested
  • In an unregulated industry it’s the only way to demonstrate credibility to your customers

 Talk to our sales team today to enquire about hemp plant products in bulk or discuss our wide array of product formulations or start a bespoke product formulation from the Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. 

USDA Organic Hemp Extract

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